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Head to Settings -> Profile. The Profile section is divided into Account and Identity.



Account section contains your Notepad account information.

  1. Avatar: The avatar image displayed in Notepad
  2. Name: Your name displayed in Notepad
  3. Email: Your Notepad account email
  4. Password: Your Notepad account password


Identity can be you as a person or your business. It is visible in reports and invoices.

  1. Logo: The logo displayed in reports and invoices
  2. Name: Your name or your business name, which will be displayed in reports and invoices
  3. Country, State, Address, City, Zip code: The address where you or your business is located, which will be displayed in reports and invoices
  4. Currency: Your default currency, which is usually the native currency in which you keep your accounting
  5. Hourly rate: Your default hourly rate for new contacts
  6. Reg. ID: Your registration ID if you are registered
  7. Tax ID: Your tax ID if you are tax registered
  8. Tax rates: Your default tax rates for new contacts (e.g.: Sales tax, VAT, GST)