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Notepad makes it easy to track time across all your clients.
And turns what you do into reports and invoices — automatically.

Step 1: Track time

Create projects and tasks for each client requirements.
Then track time and focus where it matters.
Track time
  1. Toggle contacts to stay focused
  2. View totals for the selected period
  3. Add a new task to track
  4. View time spent on each day

Step 2: Generate report

Turn tracked time into time reports with just a single click.
Share them as a web page, download PDF or just send an email.
Generate report
  1. Choose report dates and type
  2. Visualize report time
  3. View reported time on each day

Step 3: Issue invoice

Send invoices already populated by what you do. With a single click.
And get paid directly to your bank account or PayPal.
Issue invoice
  1. Get paid and download PDF
  2. Generated items automatically
  3. Automatically calculated amount