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Terms of Service

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Last updated: March 01, 2024

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) apply to the use of the Notepad service (“Service”) by you (“you” or “Customer”). The Service is provided by Notepad Technologies s.r.o., Kaprova 42/14, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic (“Notepad”).

These Terms are amended and supplemented by the following document:

If you wish to use the service, you must agree to these terms. If you do not agree, any use of the service is unauthorized, and you should stop accessing the service. Your continued use of the service will constitute assent to these terms. You represent that: (a) you have the full legal capacity to contractually obligate yourself to these Terms; (b) you have read, understood, and accepted these Terms; and (c) you have not violated these or other terms provided by Notepad previously.

1. Provision of the Service by Notepad

2. Your Use of the Service

3. Price Changes

4. Cancellation

5. General